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Tikkun Olam. Ahavat Ha'aretz. Personal Growth.
Sustainability in Judaism. Halacha

We invite you all to “Pause. Reimagine. Engage” together with us as we start this Shmita Year, and to please share with us any resources, activities or programming your community or organization run this year, so we can include it on our new website.

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Tikkun Olam is one of the key elements of the Jewish tradition and the Shmita year. Through core values such as; equality, care for the other and hessed (kindness), we are able to not only fulfill the Mitzvah of Shmita but also to be able to do good and help repair the world.



The Shmita year invites us to connect to the land of Israel, not just the state. Though we live outside of Israel, and are not able to practice Shmita fully, we hope you can still add value and meaning to your Jewish journey by learning about the old/new tradition and connect to the land of Israel in new ways.  



What’s in it for me? This question, asked so often in our world today is one of the key elements of the Shmita year. The Shmita year is for me!​ It demands that we focus on ourselves, our families, our personal growth and our spiritual growth. It demands that we take time to and for ourselves and invest in us. What’s in it for me you ask? Shmita is for me!

Old Hebrew Prayer Book


What are the Halachot (Jewish laws) surrounding Shmita? What’s the connection between Shabbat and Shmita? What does it mean to observe Shmita in the 21st century? And what new Halachic innovations did the Zionist movement create in order to observe the Shmita?

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​​​The idea of sustainability in Judaism and caring for nature is not a new concept, but rather an ancient one. Just as the body needs to rest, so does the earth, the land. The Shmita year invites us to look at the world around us and care for its needs, to see nature not as a resource for me but as a treasure we need to preserve and protect for everyone.

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