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Halacha (Jewish Law)

What are the Halacha (Jewish laws) surrounding Shmita? What’s the connection between Shabbat and Shmita? What does it mean to observe Shmita in the 21st century? And what new Halachic innovations did the Zionist movement create in order to observe the Shmita?

Shmita - How to observe the laws of the Shmita year 2021-22/5782

Shmita, a sabbatical year for the land

Prozbul as a Model for

Radical Halakhic Change

How Should Shmita (The Sabbatical Year)

be Observed in the State of Israel?  

Shmita—The Sabbatical Year

Hebrew/English Source Sheet  



Halacha for children ages 5-12

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Halacha for teens and young adults (13-21)

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Halacha for the community (adults)

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