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Ahavat Ha'aretz

The Shmita year invites us to connect to the land of Israel, not just the state. Though we live outside of Israel, and are not able to practice Shmita fully, we hope you can still add value and meaning to your Jewish journey by learning about the old/new tradition and connect to the land of Israel in new ways.



This presentation by Dr. Yizhar Hess (Vice Chairman of WZO), which accompanies his lecture - found here, showcases what is known as Pulmus Hashmita - The Shmita Dispute - how the Mitzvah of Shmita was implemented in the early days of the settlements in Israel

This short clip showcases one of the first settlements in the land of Israel, Mazkeret Batya, as they faced the dilemma of observing Shmita for the first time in 1889


Independence Day Parade

Ahavat Ha’aretz for children ages 5-12

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Ahavat Ha’aretz for teens and young adults (13-21)

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Ahavat Ha’aretz for the community (adults)

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